Rik Mayall

The Last Hurrah

“Writing and performing Elton was a joy. He is such an unspeakable c…haracter. Yet for all his terrible behaviour, and despite his knack for doing well out of wars and human catastrophes, Elton has a very British charm and elegance, he’s just gorgeous. The Last Hurrah, to me, speaks so much about the feeling of a magnificent, fetid, rotting Britishness; gloriously carrying on regardless in its secret self-contained world. I adore the fact that as a club member, Elton has knocked back drinks with Picasso, Beethoven, Wilde, Ivan the Terrible, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler – all the greats.” DR. THE RIK MAYALL

I’ve been a fan of The Rik Mayall since the early eighties and I honestly thought he was never again going to be involved in anything to rival his most memorable characters. That was until I discovered The Last Hurrah. It seemed fairly low key and with me now living in Holland it almost slipped completely under my radar. How glad I was that seemingly, out of nowhere an instant classic was now playing on my stereo. The relationship between Elton and Bonjour is for me as enjoyable as Richie and Eddie, maybe even more so as Rik seemed to have more freedom with this character! I can only imagine how much fun he must have had becoming Elton, a character that could only have been written with Rik in mind. I will miss you both dearly Elton and Rik, make mine a pint……of sherry! STEPH HAYWARD

This evening, a snow man sits silent, sullen and…feeling shit. Any serious Rik Mayall fan revels in this finale to his cavalcade of cunts. Flawed, fantastic; each character he rasped, leered and sweated into life moved many to tears of laughter. I’ll miss him, but not as much as Elton; knobless and now voiceless. CALLUM HALE

The Last Hurrah is a Fucking MUST for anyone who enjoys anything Rik Mayall ever did! EVER. Elton and Bonjour take you by their sordid hands on a foul trip into the world’s most exclusive, sherry stained club. JOANNE DENNIS

One of the best things that Rik has taught me is that toilet humour and violent, outrageous comedy can be ‘cuntingly’ hilarious, and if anyone else thinks you’re some low-brow, unintelligent, tasteless twat because of what you like, well, they can go fuck themselves. Violently. MONIKA JATAUTAITE

Simply a joy to listen to, The Last Hurrah is right Royal Rik Mayall Romp, fabulously filthy, delightfully decadent, gloriously gigglesome. A must listen for all comedy fans. The King is back! BILLY KIRKWOOD

The Last Hurrah is a divine opulent orgasm of unadulterated joy and filth so guttural and dirty, so translucent and silky, so fabulous, that it will transcend time and culture and rip out your lower half like Jack the Ripper in a cathouse. The experience of The Rik Mayall attacking and caressing you, fondling and teasing you, is so disgustingly delightful that your innards will shake and your cheeks ripen with shame, that upon recovery you will find yourself on all fours begging for such delicious disgrace all over again. MICHAEL POLLENTINE

Rik Mayall plays Elton, last snowman and denizen of London clubland, with all the louche glee of a master craftsman of comedy. A must for all disciples of the one true Rik. NATHAN WILSON

Elton is the logical end point of all the vilest characters Rik Mayall has ever created.  He has the social skills of Kevin Turvey, the personal hygiene of Richie from Bottom and the morals of Alan B’stard – only worse, in all cases.  As such, if you’ve ever laughed (or winced) at any of them, this is a must-have experience. JULIEN BURNELL

Rik Mayall created a real masterpiece with The Last Hurrah, one that he poured his heart, soul and other bodily fluids into. The Last Hurrah is The Late Great Rik Mayall unleashed and uncensored, leaving behind a whirlwind of passion and vulgar language. Rik’s legacy is captured forever within The Last Hurrah, proving that Old Snow Never Melts…ELJA MURPHY

Like your stories dripping in fetidness do you? Love being shagged in the ear hole by the dulcet tones of the legendary Rik Mayall? I do and buying ‘The Last Hurrah’ serves each of these purposes and more. From the immortal though Nobless Elton to Bonjour the washed-up has-been it ticks all comedic boxes and invites you to a place you’d dare to visit if even to watch behind the velvet curtain at the tawdry goings on. See you at the bar; mine’s a pint of Sherry…what’s yours? ASHLEY KEEGAN

The Last Hurrah, with it’s diabolical use of dialogue, brings the wonderfully wicked world of Elton alive for all listeners and lovers of brilliant British comedy. Most remarkably, it gave Rik Mayall the opportunity to show the breadth of his talent, ranging from eloquent narrator, to the lowest toilet humourist, each with depth and sincerity. It truly is an amazing series delivered by a unique actor. CHRIS KUNDE

For me, Elton was and always will be, Rik’s last, truly great character. I can tell this part was written for him and the character adapted by him. He put ever ounce of passion he had into Elton and that is what makes it such a joy to listen to time and again. His interplay with Dave Dutton’s character, Bonjour Hellfire, in particular, is spellbinding. They worked wonderfully together and the characters are so well suited to each other that it makes it a joy to listen to. I will always hear something new in this series every time I listen to it and will always think of how happy Rik was when he was making it. To me, this really is Rik’s own Last Hurrah. SARAH WILLIAMSON