Rik Mayall

The Last Hurrah

Rik Mayall is Elton, the last remaining snowman.

Elton is celebrated throughout Britain as the wonderful, kindly gentlemanly epitome of innocent fun and charity that he is. A favourite of children and adults alike, Elton is the eternal living reminder of all that was once great about being British.

Wait. This is wrong. This is bollocks. Elton is a complete bastard!

The Last Hurrah is a much feared, secret English gentleman’s club where all real power is brokered, all the worst deals are shaken on, all the most sinister conspiracies are hatched, where even the Marquis de Sade was thrown out for being too boring.

Elton’s drinking partner is Bonjour Hellfire. Bonjour is a disgraced former Blackpool ventriloquist. He is hapless, spiteful and resentful. Once the highlight of the ordinary man’s Saturday night, he is now a pitiful old wreck of a has-been who even his oldest and most devoted fans wish they couldn’t remember.

Don’t get us started on Randy Hardy…

Prick up your ears and bow to Rik Mayall’s comic majesty. This was his last great work. His last great character. His last hurrah.


1. Old Snow Never Melts

Elton, the last remaining Snowman on our poor hapless planet earth, settles down to write his disgusting biography.

2. Stash in the Attic

Elton amuses himself by mercilessly ridiculing Bonjour Hellfire about the disgracefully foul demise of this once popular ventriloquist’s career.

3. Lemon Turbo

Elton fearlessly and shamelessly reveals his shocking escape from East Germany in 1946. And what the fuck is Bonjour doing with a greyhound?

4. Animal Fucker

When Bonjour Hellfire’s outrageously immoral mishap with a laptop whacks him straight slap bang onto the headlines, Elton is only too happy to help the sickening perv.

5. The Enormous Midget

Elton begins his diabolical new plan for a nob-graft.

6. Corky’s Revenge

Elton is in trouble. Big fucking trouble. And the Club is not happy.