Rik Mayall

The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

Written by Craig Green, Dominic Vince and Rik Mayall

Cast List

Rik Mayall – Elton, Narrator, Randy Hardy, Mr Bastard

Dave Dutton – Bonjour Hellfire, Autograph Hunter, Xavier

Duncan Pow – Ed Mullet, Fabio Conte, Glaswegian Autograph Hunter

Michael Cudlipp – Mr Fingers, Corky, The Judge

Additional Roles of Barman and Schoolboy played by Dominic Vince


Recorded at dBs Music Studios / Plymouth

Produced and engineered by Jay Auborn.

Additional recording and sound design by Ben Osborn

Art by Gavin Howell, David Revel & Martin Coote

Photography by Super Mega Action Plus

Web Site by Wet Chimpz Ltd

Sweetchuck Productions & Rik Mayall 2012

All text and artwork © Sweetchuck Productions & Rik Mayall 2012

All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication, reproduction, hiring, lending and broadcasting prohibited.